Tradewind Aviation Funds New Carbon Offset Program for All Flights

Tradewind Aviation is committing to sustainability via a new Carbon Offset Program that will see the company automatically adding carbon offsets to all Tradewind-operated flights throughout North America and the Caribbean. All funds raised through the offset will go to TerraPass, a social enterprise headquartered in Houston that uses proceeds from partner companies to fund a variety of greenhouse gas reduction projects, from renewable wind farms to agricultural methane capture to forestry projects.

In fall 2020, Tradewind launched its first carbon offset initiative, offering clients the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions of their flight activity through small fees. The offset—totally voluntary, available at booking, and applicable to Tradewind’s scheduled service and private charter flights, as well as the airline’s Goodspeed Flight Card program—was affordable at just $7 for an hour of flight time. (An hour of flight time equates to Tradewind flying a Pilatus PC-12 from White Plains, New York to Nantucket, MA, or from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to St. Jean, St. Barth’s.)

The original initiative was highly effective, with contributions from customers offsetting 160.3 metric tons of carbon as of December 31, 2021. It was also well received, according to Tradewind, adding it expects clients to be onboard with its new Carbon Offset Program. Distinct from its forerunner, the new program will see the company cover 100 percent of the cost of the carbon offsets, with an automated technology employed to ensure it applies to every Tradewind flight, whatever the destination, duration or model of aircraft flown. 

Tradewind’s fleet includes 18 single-engine Pilatus PC-12s, which require only 70 gallons of jet fuel per hour of flying time for an hourly carbon footprint of just .76 metric tons, and three Citation CJ3s, which require 173 gallons of fuel per hour for an hourly carbon footprint of 1.65 metric tons.

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