Virgin Galactic Opening Spaceflight Ticket Sales on February 16

Virgin Galactic has announced the opening of sales to the general public, giving people the opportunity to purchase one of the initial spaceflight reservations and secure membership in the unique community of Future Astronauts, a major step in commercialization of space travel. Sales will open on February 16, 2022 when Virgin Galactic releases a limited amount of spaceflight reservations and the registration process opens on Virgin Galactic’s website.

The company's CEO Michael Colglazier said that the aerospace and space travel company plans to have its first 1,000 customers on board at the start of commercial service later this year.

Virgin Galactic spaceflight reservations also provide access to the Future Astronaut membership community. Members will enjoy access to "money-can’t-buy" experiences, events, trips and activities to promote spaceflight-readiness while they await their spaceflight.

The spaceflight will launch from Spaceport America in New Mexico. Starting with several days of space-readiness activities, future astronauts will stay with their guests at forthcoming custom accommodations. Guests will enjoy bespoke itineraries and luxury amenities during astronaut-specific training programs.

During spaceflight, astronauts will experience a 90-minute journey including a signature air launch and Mach-3 boost to space. The spaceship gracefully flips while astronauts enjoy several minutes of weightlessness and views of Earth from the spaceship’s 17 windows. Upon return from this transformational experience, astronauts will begin a journey to create positive impact with the perspective that can only come from seeing our planet from space.

To mark the launch of public sales, Virgin Galactic also revealed a new brand identity, website, and logo that features the iconic shape of the company’s spaceship in an indigo color palette inspired by the last color of the Earth’s atmosphere visible before entering space.

Spaceflight reservations cost a total price of $450,000. Following an initial deposit of $150,000, customers will make their final payment before their flight.

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