Up, up and away! New Aviation Alliance 'Powerfly' Poised to Deliver New Service in India

Attention jetsetters: we've heard that Deccan Charters Ltd, Taj Air, and Business Jets India Private Ltd have agreed to launch a decadent new aviation alliance in the air charter industry effective February 14th called Powerfly.

Powerfly will offer one-stop access to a wider choice of aircraft, including jets, turboprops and helicopters, and wider geographic network coverage, a significant milestone in the chartered airline business in India.

In accordance with the agreement, Deccan Charters will be the exclusive marketing concessionaire for BJETS aircraft in India and will work on developing, expanding and consolidating the market across the country through Powerfly.

The combined fleet will be available through various programs, including membership and loyalty programs that extend across all three brands and the various hotels of Taj.

Powerfly will combine the fleets of all three brands and integrate the booking process so the customer may book their preferred choice of aircraft, sector or budget. Taj InnerCircle members can earn and redeem points at Taj properties or by flying with Powerfly.

Also, during the period of the agreement, Deccan Charters will provide BJETS with repair and maintenance service for its fleet and conduct scheduled inspections as per the requirements of DGCA.