Viceroy Riviera Maya is Calling All Grill Masters

The Viceroy Riviera Maya is calling foodies to check out a new master Grilling Class taught by the resort's head chef and grill master.

Cooking on wood-burning grills, the 1.5-hour class takes guests through the process of grilling different types of foods, the use of woods for different flavors, and how to make marinades and glazes.

For the class, local Jaa' bin or Zapote woods are used, which are reminiscent of mesquite. The woods bring flavors of spiciness, citrus, piquantness and sweetness to the foods being cooked, which include rib eye steak, chicken, pork, local fresh fish, shellfish, pineapple, peppers and other produce. 

The class is held in the Xcalacoco Garden and is $95 per person. It includes a pairing of Mexican artisanal beers with the lunch.

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