Viking Ocean Cruises Expands to North America

viking star

Viking Ocean Cruises has announced plans to launch cruises in North America and the Caribbean with five new itineraries launching in September 2016. 

Viking Star will sail a new itinerary from Bergen to Montreal, with stops in the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. From Montreal, the ship will cruise the St. Lawrence River and down the coast of New England to New York, during the peak period of fall foliage in October. The ship will then make its way down the Eastern seaboard to San Juan, Puerto Rico, which will serve as its homeport for winter Caribbean itineraries. The ship will return to Europe in February 2017, with a transatlantic sailing from San Juan to Barcelona.

New North America and Caribbean Itineraries    

In the Wake of the Vikings (15 days; Bergen to Montreal) – Travelers can trace the route of Viking Leif Eriksson, setting off from his homeland, Norway, sailing from the old mercantile city of Bergen to the Shetland Islands of Scotland, and then to the Faroe Islands, once home to the Viking Parliament. Guests will be able to explore Iceland and Greenland, as well as land at Newfoundland, where L'Anse aux Meadows reveals evidence of Norse settlements. After that the ship sails to Quebec, with explorations of Saguenay and Quebec City, before arriving in Montreal. Introductory 2-for-1 pricing starts at $6,499 per person. Sailing Date: September 18, 2016.

Eastern Seaboard Explorer (13 days; Montreal to New York) – During fall foliage season from Montreal, this itinerary cruises the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. Guests can learn about Canada's colonial past in Saguenay and about its Scottish and Acadian heritage on Prince Edward Island and in Halifax. After an overnight in Boston, the ship crosses the Cape Cod Canal en route to New York City. Introductory 2-for-1 pricing starts at $4,999 per person. Sailing Date: October 2, 2016.

Eastern Seaboard to the West Indies (15 days; New York to San Juan) – This route traces the Atlantic seaboard of the United States into the Caribbean, with an overnight in New York City before a chance to explore Newport and Baltimore. The itinerary also has a chance to visit colonial Jamestown from the port in Norfolk, as well as for an overnight stay in Port Everglades. In the Caribbean, the ship will call at Turks and Caicos, Antigua and St. Thomas. Introductory 2-for-1 pricing starts at $4,999 per person. Sailing Date: October 14, 2016.

West Indies Explorer (11 days; San Juan to San Juan) – After time to explore San Juan, Puerto Rico, the ship sails for the Lesser Antilles, calling at Tortola, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts, St. Martin and St. Thomas. Introductory 2-for-1 pricing starts at $2,999 per person. Sailing Dates: October 28, November 7, December 17 and December 27, 2016; January 6, January 16, January 26, February 5 and February 15, 2017.

West Indies to Iberia (18 days; San Juan to Barcelona) – Guests embark in colonial San Juan, and call upon the Dutch side of St. Martin. Then, the ship sails a six-day transatlantic crossing before making landfall on the Portuguese island of Madeira and visiting Casablanca. There will also be the chance to explore Spain in Cadiz, Valencia and finally, Barcelona. Introductory 2-for-1 pricing starts at $3,299. Sailing Date: February 25, 2017.