Virgin Atlantic Domestic UK Flights to Offer Live Entertainment

Remember when in-flight movies were projected onto one screen that everyone had to strain to watch? Remember when the only in-seat entertainment was a 12-channel "radio" that never seemed to have any of the currently popular songs? Remember how delighted we all were when planes started offering individual TVs, live broadcasts and a wide range of music options? 

For Sir Richard Branson, that huge step forward wasn't enough, apparently. And he's taking in-flight entertainment back to its roots, with everyone watching one show together. And here's the real kicker: The show will be live.

The Telegraph is reporting that some of Virgin Atlantic’s short-haul Little Red flights will soon begin offering live entertainment, starting with stand-up comedy acts this month.

Comedians en route to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the article says, will have the chance to test their material at 30,000 feet in the air as a warm-up for their festival gigs.

Starting next month, Virgin will introduce a series of live music acts on Little Red flights, and future line-ups will be revealed through social media. 

Daily Little Red flight services run six times a day from Heathrow to Edinburgh and three times daily to Aberdeen. Four daily round trips run between Manchester and Heathrow.