Windstar's Newest Yacht Gets a Godmother

wendy perrinWindstar Cruises has named Wendy Perrin the godmother of its newest yacht, the Star Breeze

Perrin will be honored aboard the inaugural voyage of the new yacht as it sets sail from Nice to Rome, May 6-10, with stops in Monte Carlo, Portofino, and Portoferraio.

Wendy Perrin is the founder of, a site focused on travel solutions and travel planning. Prior to founding, Perrin spent two decades at Condé Nast Traveler as its director of consumer news and digital community. In addition to creating her travel website, Perrin is currently serving as TripAdvisor's first-ever Travel Advocate.  

Perrin has sailed on Windstar twice as a guest lecturer, including on her honeymoon. Perrin’s godmother duties include hosting the Star Breeze christening ceremony on May 6, which involves a pier-side celebration and ceremonial champagne bottle breaking across the yacht’s bow. In addition to the ceremony and interacting with guests, Perrin will participate in the onboard press conference and attend the Lifestyles of the Glitterati Private Event in Monaco.

Perrin’s appointment to godmother of the Star Breeze comes after the ship's $8.5 million, three-week renovation in Genoa, Italy. Windstar receives delivery of the ship on April 15, with the re-launch scheduled for May 6. Windstar will also debut a second new yacht in May, the Star Legend