France, Italy and Greece Rank as Top Destinations Among F1S’ Clients

First in Service Travel (F1S) has shared findings from its latest survey, revealing the top international destinations its advisors across the United States are booking and recommending. France and Italy tied for first place as the top international destinations being booked, with Greece rounding out the top three. F1S advisors are recommending Iceland most to travelers seeking to visit destinations more “under the radar.”

The results are from a recent survey of F1S travel advisors. Participants were asked to name the top three international destinations they were booking for 2022. France and Italy were each named by 55.6 percent of F1S travel advisors, followed by Greece (44.4 percent).

“With all the pent-up demand for travel, coupled with the near parity of the American dollar with the euro, it’s no surprise that Europe is performing so well,” explained Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of F1S. “France and Italy have once again claimed their places among the world’s premier destinations, thanks to their stunning scenery, exquisite cultures and histories, epicurean delights, and extraordinary people.”

“France and Italy will always go strong,” said F1S advisor Thelma Abhyankar, adding that the two are “stunning European countries with so much to offer, in addition to the delicious food. For France, I am working on a Provence trip right now, and in Italy, a villa in the Tuscan region.”

Gonzalez indicated that the biggest surprise internationally for the year is the popularity of Greece. “Whether it’s the culture of ancient cities like Athens or the allure of the islands, Greece has really taken off over the past couple years. It was able to take hold during the pandemic and has maintained its strong forward momentum this year,” he said.

F1S advisor Leah Winck concurred, noting a variety of factors for booking Greece so frequently: “Beauty, culture, blue waters, relaxation, history, monuments, sites.”

F1S advisors were also asked which “under the radar” destinations they are booking most internationally. Iceland came in first, with 22.2 percent of advisors recommending the island nation.

“Iceland is not that below the radar, but I've seen more requests for this than in the past,” Abhyankar said, taking note of its “open spaces, smaller population, Northern Lights, stunning scenery and things you will not find anywhere else!”

Each surveyed advisor was also asked to name the single most popular international destination they are specifically booking for U.S. clients on each continent and other major regions globally. The top picks were: 

  • Africa: South Africa
  • Asia: (Tie) India and the Maldives
  • Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific: (Tie) Australia and Tahiti
  • Caribbean: St. Barths
  • Central America: Costa Rica
  • Europe: (Tie) France and Italy
  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates
  • North America: Mexico
  • South America: (Tie) Argentina, Ecuador (specifically the Galapagos Islands) and Peru

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