FSA Travel Expands StarHub Travel Opportunities to New Agencies

FSA Travel, the operators of Five Star Alliance, is making its StarHub Travel technology platform open to a new round of travel companies. StarHub Travel is a full-service solution for travel agencies booking and managing travel reservations worldwide.

The StarHub Travel solution offers a software platform with booking tools that take the search, availability and booking process down to a few key strokes in a user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile devices. Using an individual agency's IATA number, pseudo cities and contracts, StarHub travel’s propriety technology provides "combinability" across rates codes and hotel rules. With rich content and the widest lens of published and unpublished rates inlaid with contracted, consortia and any agency private rates—a travel advisor has the full rate stack at their fingertips.

The StarHub Travel platform is able to lessen the cost of doing business and also includes full integration into all back-office systems—including CRM, reporting, billing and commission collection software.

Overall, StarHub Travel provides travel agencies:

  • Full control over their brand, inventory, and contracts
  • Anytime, anywhere connectivity
  • Streamlined product connecting all their travel suppliers
  • More focused and targeted availability
  • Higher productivity and conversions
  • Better product marketing, opportunities, and offerings
  • Reduced operational costs

John McMahon, CEO and Owner of FSA Travel, LLC, says, "Our industry has a major challenge going forward with productivity and time management. With most agents working remotely, the agency with the best tools will be the most profitable and provide the most value—both to independent contractors and clients. We made this technology available to all agency owners to make their agent’s job easier—including independence from the antiquated GDS interfaces.”

This article originally appeared on www.travelagentcentral.com.

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