Selling Luxury: Ignacio Maza Talks Creating Sophisticated Travel Itineraries

Luxury Travel Advisor recently caught up with Ignacio Maza, executive vice president of the Signature Travel Network, to get his intel in how luxury travel advisors can create sophisticated itineraries for demanding clients.

We all know it’s important for advisors to bring their best game when planning a vacation, but how can you do that? Maza told us that the most important thing is to get off on the right foot with the client, especially if this is the first time you are working with them. 

“You want to convey to your client compassion and empathy and service, and that you are committed to exceeding their expectations from the very beginning,” he told us. “If you charge any kind of trip-planning fees or anything like that, you want to get all of that clearly on the table early on so that there are no surprises later on.”

The next step? Ask the right questions of the customer to understand the why of the trip.Why are they going? What is the interest? “Take notes, so that you understand what the client is thinking about,” said Maza. “You can then take all of that information and create something really special.”

Here’s a good tip: Does the client want to go to a high-demand destination during peak season, such as the Greek Islands in July or Paris during Fashion Week? If so, let them know that the timing will make things more expensive than usual and that space for premium accommodations will be tight. It’s important to manage expectations, said Maza. Better yet, find out if the client has any flexibility to go at a different time when the experience could be much more enjoyable.

For more tips on how to create unique itineraries, watch our interview with Ignacio Maza above.

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