Selling Luxury: Anne Scully, President, McCabe World Travel (Podcast)

Welcome to Selling Luxury, the podcast produced by the editors of Luxury Travel Advisor. This series inspires and educates travel advisors who want to enter the luxury arena and provides great insights for those advisors who are already successful in this niche.

Ruthanne Terrero, VP and editorial director of Luxury Travel Advisor, in this episode chats with Anne Scully, president of McCabe World Travel, who discusses ways to maintain great client relationships.

According to Scully, a travel is hardly different than an author. “I actually believe that a great travel advisor is a biographer of their clients life stories through travel,” she says. And, by that, she relates an advisor getting to know the client to a reader getting to know the characters in the beginning of the book, but then the character has to develop—as does a travel advisor’s relationship with his or her clients.

With each trip being a different chapter in the book, advisors should constantly be learning about their clients but also planning a long-term approach to their travel so the story—the client’s life in travel—is cohesive.

When learning about a client at the beginning of a relationship, Scully says it’s important to ask open-ended questions. And, after each trip they take, Scully always asks if there was one thing the client could change about the trip, what would it be. It helps improve each trip they book afterwards.

Take a listen to hear what else Anne Scully has to say about retaining clients, being a storyteller and being upfront about perks that you get your clients. 

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