Signature Outlines Recovery Trends and Strategies at 2021 Conference

Signature Travel Network’s 2021 Conference kicked off on Wednesday, November 10, in Las Vegas. During the opening ceremony, Signature president and CEO Alex Sharpe told the 1,100 advisors (including over 400 first-time attendees) and nearly 600 supplier partners in attendance that “If there was ever a time to declare that we are ‘Signature Strong,’ is certainly now.​”

Sharpe shared some numbers from Signature member’s bookings, noting “this is what recovery looks like.” To that end, 2022 land sales are up 34 percent over the same time in 2019, guided vacations in 2022 are showing 40 percent growth in sales, as well as a diversification of destinations worldwide, and 2021 Q3 and Q4 preferred hotel bookings are up 500 percent over 2020, nearing 2019 levels, even with many markets still closed. On the supplier side, 100 new hotels were added (most of which are located in North America) and 47 destination and tourism board partners joined the network. On the cruising front, 2022 revenue has already surpassed sailed revenue in 2019, which was a banner year for Signature—and over $88 million in Future Cruise and Future Travel credits remain on the books for Signature member’s clients.

Strategies to Keep the Momentum Strong

Outlining how Signature is keeping the momentum moving, Sharpe highlighted the topics that will be covered this week by the Executive team. Technology tools and programs like Client Reach, SIG Cruise Pro, Sherpa, Kipsu, SigNet enhancements, Client Connection 2.0 and more will continue to offer Signature members tools to drive advisor efficiencies. In a major enhancement, Signature will be introducing a consumer version of their cruise booking engine, SIG Cruise Pro. Training for these programs and every phase of the sales process will offer new programs, both virtual and in person. Additionally, critical at this stage of recovery is hiring new advisors and rehiring those laid off at the start of the pandemic, Signature says, and, to meet this demand and need, it has added specific training for these advisors.

Recognizing the growing demand for group travel on cruises, Signature has further enhanced its “Best Cruise Groups Program;” this includes offering more cruise group dates, always up-to-date pricing, enhanced amenities and more hosted groups.

Signature has also introduced a new air platform, Signature Air powered by FROSCH. This partnership offers all Signature members the opportunity to easily book and retain revenue from air sales, including domestic air.

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