Signature Travel Network Acquires Non-Profit Pack for a Purpose

Signature Travel Network President and CEO Alex Sharpe announced the network's acquisition of Pack for a Purpose, a North Carolina-based non-profit. The established travel charity will now be part of Signature’s non-profit foundation, Travel Elevates.

Pack for a Purpose was created by founder Rebecca Rothney. She traveled to Africa and witnessed the massive impact she had upon local communities after delivering supplies she had carried in her suitcase. This experience left Rothney wanting to do more. She came back to the U.S. and asked her travel advisor why more people didn’t pack supplies in their luggage while traveling. The response? People didn’t even think about it. This gave Rothney her “aha” moment, and she started Pack for a Purpose in 2009.

The non-profit assists travelers by providing community-curated information regarding local projects so travelers can bring impactful supplies to the communities they visit. Currently, there are more than 370 participants in 50 countries. These projects support child well-being, education and socioeconomic development, among other initiatives. In 2023, over 43,000 pounds of supplies were delivered to these communities.

Rothney approached Sharpe about taking over Pack for a Purpose and folding it into the Travel Elevates foundation last year. Both non-profits share similar missions: to connect travelers to communities they can support when traveling to global destinations. Signature’s vast membership network will bring new exposure to over 15,000 travel advisors and their clientele.

“I am so proud we can integrate Pack for a Purpose into our broader Travel Elevates mission,” said Sharpe. “This organization provides a perfect starting point for any traveler to make an impact, simply carrying needed supplies in their suitcase and dropping them off at their designated accommodation or tour company for handling. This aligns with our belief that giving back while traveling heightens the experience for travelers and leads to greater repeat travel and advisor loyalty. And it also leaves a destination in a better place after a visit.”

“My seventy-fifth birthday wish was to have a secure future where Pack for a Purpose would continue to thrive. I am thrilled that Travel Elevates has made that wish come true. Travel Elevates will enable the Pack for a Purpose mission to grow exponentially,” added Rothney.

Travel Elevates’ mission is to help leverage global travel partnerships and enrich communities through education and economic empowerment. Pack for a Purpose officially became part of the non-profit on June 1, 2024.

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