Travel Edge Launches New Campaign With New Web Platform

Travel Edge has launched a new consumer-facing marketing campaign and website offering a new level of service for North Americans, one that delivers “a high standard of personalization and care across their entire travel experience.”

Nearly two years since the pandemic upended the world of travel, Travel Edge is creating fuller, more engaging and more managed travel experiences that are tailored and fully supported if anything changes. More than simply booking a flight and hotel, these end-to-end itineraries are designed around each traveler’s needs and preferences, helping to reduce the chances of “missing out” on desired experiences, and helping them get more out of their journey.

The new campaign and web platform are based on the brand ethos of “Be Well Traveled” and portray the benefits of using a travel agency, highlighting “the power of the company’s network of travel advisors and personal travel designers to deliver on it from start to finish.” The experts at Travel Edge can manage bookings using the latest technology, and access a wide range of exclusive properties, experiences, insider perks and amenities to personalize each trip. They also support clients 24/7 to advocate for them and provide solutions in real time—a benefit for modern travelers given today’s realities of border restrictions, testing protocols and flight route adjustments.

View the new video ad here:

To support this new standard of service, the newly redesigned will showcase a range of curated itineraries aimed at motivating visitors to book a consultation with a travel advisor. With a deeper understanding of each client’s needs, the designer or travel advisor can then begin to create a tailored itinerary that meets their specific requirements.

“Our new website is the first step in ensuring travelers get access to this higher standard of service,” said Gavin Miller, executive vice president in a press statement. “By the end of this year, that’s where they’ll find a wide range of curated travel experiences to aid their decision making and connect with the right expert for them—someone who listens, who is knowledgeable, and who can offer thoughtful suggestions for creating a truly personalized travel experience.”

Today’s travelers, according to the agency, have noticed that digital booking platforms do not provide personal advice, do not support them getting access to the reservations they want, do not do a good job of curating relevant experiences, do not anticipate changes to itineraries, and do not extend support in case there is a real-time issue. They are realizing the value of working with an expert to assist them, support them and manage all the details.

The hundreds of expert advisors within the Travel Edge Network across the U.S., Canada and Bermuda play an important role in delivering this new standard of service. The community of professionals is supported by technology, with more than 100 hours of ongoing training. Along with its growing team of independent travel advisors with Travel Edge Network, the addition of an in-house team of personal travel designers allows the agency to serve a wider audience within the multibillion-dollar luxury travel market.

The campaign launches in two phases, with the initial phase consisting of the limited release of a 60-second spot through targeted social and digital channels. The next phase will begin at the start of the new year, and will consist of a 30-second spot featured with selected broadcast partners, multiple executions of digital banners, and a full range of social content across multiple platforms.

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