Travel Edge Network Hosts "Advisor Knowledge" Trip To Rwanda

Travel Edge Network recently took a group of independent travel advisors on a trip to Rwanda. Hosted by Nadiya Makarenko, senior vice president of Travel Edge Network, the 10-day tour to Rwanda offered insights into how advisors can help their clients get the most out of the budding bucket-list destination.

On the "Advisor Knowledge Trip," activities reflected a range of potential interests that clients might have when they visit Rwanda, be it exploring history at the Genocide Museum in Kigali and the ancient King’s Palace in Nyanza or enjoying the countryside and excursions at tea and coffee plantations. Advisors also got a taste of the country’s wildlife, which included spotting the “big five” in Akagera National Park, seeing chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park, and trekking to catch sight of the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

“This 'Advisor Knowledge' trip was not only about investing in the personal expertise of our independent advisors,” said Makarenko. “It also helped our advisors build personal relationships with the local community and industry partners in Rwanda, which in turn helps make their clients’ experiences here even better. That strong sense of community is a big part of what makes Travel Edge Network so special.”

The independent travel advisors who were part of the Rwanda tour said that it provided insights into how they can help their clients experience the country, besides building local relationships.

“Rwanda is on the bucket list for a lot of travelers,” said Alli Allen, a luxury travel advisor from Atlanta. “It’s a privilege to have had the chance to visit this beautiful country and experience what it would be like for our clients to come here.”

Another advisor said that the trip had taught her a lot about the country and what it can offer her clients. “Rwanda was already high on my personal list because of the gorilla trekking,” said Andrea Eatherly of New York City. “But once I got here and saw all the country had to offer, I was so impressed. It’s clean, safe, and the people are extremely friendly.”

Curated Advisor Knowledge Trips, such as this visit to Rwanda, are part of Travel Edge Network’s work to support independent advisors and help them grow their businesses. Aimed to provide insights into budding bucket-list destinations and bridge the gap between luxury travel advisors and local partners, the company will host up to four such trips per year.

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