andBeyond Expands Lodge and Impact Footprint in Kenya’s Laikipia Region

Luxury experiential and conservation company andBeyond has extended its lodge circuit in Kenya with the announcement of an Exclusive Tourism Concession over the 44,000-acre Suyian Conservancy in Kenya in partnership with global conservation charity Space for Giants. The multi-decade long-term lease and partnership gives andBeyond exclusive access to over 44,000 acres of wilderness land on Suyian Conservancy in northwestern Laikipia. As the sole luxury lodge and tented camp operator on the conservancy, the lease enables andBeyond to use its extensive lodge operating experience to build and develop, over time, the finest lodge, tented camp, sky beds and mobile camping experience in Kenya on this pristine and private wildlife conservancy.  

Space for Giants was founded by Dr. Max Graham 10 years ago, off the back of research into the conflict between people and elephants in Laikipia, home to the second largest population of elephants in Kenya and one of the largest free-roaming populations on the continent. A key lesson from this research, the importance of removing the cost of wildlife to local people and replacing it with benefits, has driven a strategy of transforming private ranches into wildlife conservancies owned by not-for-profit trusts, attracting investment into enterprises that can ensure the region is valued, not just because it protects critically important biodiversity, but also because it generates employment and builds the local and national economy.   

The partnership between andBeyond and Suyian Conservancy represents an important milestone in the property becoming a leading financially self-sufficient model for Protected Area Management in Africa.  

Forming part of a vital wildlife movement corridor and home to a huge diversity of wildlife, including a significant number of endangered species, Suyian has a variety of compelling landscapes that include grassland, savanna, rocky outcrops, or kopjes, dense vechellia woodland and more than 10 miles of river frontage alongside the Ewaso Narok River. A thriving wildlife population includes rarities such as the melanistic (black) leopard and African wild dog, as well as northern Kenyan species like Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, desert warthog and more. Elephant and buffalo are present in healthy numbers, as are lion, leopard and cheetah, in addition to both striped and spotted hyena. General games include dik dik, giraffe, Laikipia hartebeest, Beisa oryx and lesser kudu.   

With its wildlife and varying landscapes, Suyian is well-suited for an exclusive safari experience as well as less commonly found activities, such as walking safaris, camel safaris, and horse-riding safaris on a neighboring conservancy. 

Easily accessed by air or road from Nairobi, Suyian is also a gateway to more remote adventures, including helicopter safaris and visits to the Northern Frontier region of Kenya like Samburu, the Matthews Range and the Endoto Range, Lake Turkana and the Suguta Valley. The conservancy not only offers views of Mount Kenya but can also be used as a base for scenic flights or even fishing trips to the mountain.    

Transformed from pure cattle ranching to land managed for conservation with a limited number of cattle, Suyian combines rapidly evolving conservation practices with the opportunity for community development. The conservancy utilizes a unique model of limited cattle ranching that uses rotational grazing to improve soil health and biodiversity. In combination with wildlife conservation and tourism, this not only contributes towards the economic development of neighboring communities but also ensures a more diversified income stream.   

The andBeyond ethos of Care of the Land, Wildlife and People is directly aligned with the existing aims of Suyian Conservancy, which include land stewardship, wildlife protection and security, as well as community support for schools, health programs and education. Being contiguous with other nature conservancies such as Loisaba and Sosian provides the opportunity to work on shared conservation projects, as well as the possibility of creating a larger ‘super conservancy’ at some time in the future. Suyian also shares borders with the research conservancy of Mpala, which is run by Princeton University and offers the option for andBeyond guests to learn about and become involved in a multitude of conservation topics.  

andBeyond Suyian Lodge is expected to open in 2025. 

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