Monaco Presents White Paper on Responsible Tourism

The Monaco Government Tourist & Convention Authority presented “The White Paper on Responsible Tourism in Monaco” in November. It was the result of a project that began in 2020 to enable the pandemic-hit tourism sector to become more conscious of its responsibilities, with a focus on challenging certain models. The document aims to offer a better understanding of tourism in Monaco and draws on analyses of surveys, comparative studies and discussion workshops. The document identifies Monaco’s strengths and weaknesses to help prepare for the tourism of the future and make it even more sustainable, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the principality’s energy transition targets as a basis. 

The goal is for the White Paper to serve as a foundation that can be used to highlight areas for improvement and future plans for implementation. These will then be developed in line with the responsible tourism strategy, which will continue to align with the UN SDGs and the Principality’s energy transition targets.

Destination Monaco and its partners are already implementing solutions to ensure optimal management of resources, using eco-friendly transportation, renewable energy resources and the use of sustainable infrastructure. These are taking shape through a binding environmental certification that has been adopted by a majority of hotels, and genuine commitments to promote soft mobility, recycling and a reduction in food waste.

Besides these initiatives, Monaco Scientific Centre and CHANEL have signed a partnership agreement to create a Precious Coral Biology Research Unit. The aim is to develop fundamental research programs to improve our understanding of red coral life processes in order to conserve the species. Mediterranean red coral is consistently used to make jewelry; its red hue and slow growth make it incredibly valuable and, for this reason, it has often been exploited. This partnership will endeavor to protect red coral.

Additionally, progress is also being made in the restaurant sector. Five high-end restaurants from Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Group have signed up to the Government’s Responsible Restaurant scheme, including The Blue Bay at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Elsa and Le Deck at Monte-Carlo Beach. These restaurants are already committed to seasonal menus and eco-friendly practices but now, each of them will receive individual support to further enhance their commitment by implementing new eco-friendly practices each year.

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