Bali’s COMO Shambhala Estate Launches New Wellness Experiences

The global wellness brand COMO Shambhala has launched five “Wellness Paths” at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali. This initiative is aimed at people dealing with common but distressing modern lifestyle challenges: struggles with digital overload, poor gut health, a lack of purpose, diminished fitness or a broken mind-body connection. The common intention is to focus on prevention: “un-ease” rather than “dis-ease” and obviate a problem before it escalates.

The multi-night experiences have been designed by COMO Shambhala’s experts in fitness, nutrition and naturopathy using a combination of diagnostics, diet, breathwork, hands-on healing and beyond. The Wellness Paths include “Integrated Wellness,” “Fit to Perform,” “Detox to Restore,” “Nourish to Glow” and “Connect to Rebalance.” Each Wellness Path presents a nuanced, focused opportunity to help guests journey from one state of wellness to the next and to sustain that feeling after leaving the wellness retreat.

Guests on Wellness Paths also benefit from the healthy dishes available at the resort’s Glow restaurant. Serving cuisine by COMO Shambhala Kitchen, the emphasis is on whole foods. Dishes are low in sugar, salt and free of artificial additives. Recipes are developed to support various wellness intentions, such as brain and cardiovascular health, sustained energy, blood sugar stability and craving control. Cooking techniques preserve or enhance the bioavailability of nutrients whether the ingredients are cooked, raw, fermented or sprouted. Plates are rich in plants, prioritizing local and seasonal vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, roots and herbs. Seafood and meat are also available, as are dairy- and gluten-free options.

COMO Shambhala’s new Wellness Paths are now available in Bali. These will also be rolled out, with some local adjustments, in 2024 at other COMO Hotels and Resorts locations worldwide, including COMO Alpina Dolomites, Italy; COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos; and in Singapore. The latter is a collaboration with COMO Metropolitan Singapore and COMO Shambhala’s new urban flagship, which share the same location: COMO Orchard on Bideford Road.

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