Maldives’ Joali Being Partners with Dr. Barbara Sturm

Joali Being, situated on the isle of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, Maldives, will offer guests Dr. Barbara Sturm’s non-surgical, anti-aging treatments for rejuvenating the skin. In collaboration with Dr. Sturm, seven skincare treatments have been launched at the resort, where she is a regular visitor.

The new treatments include the signature Sturmglow Facial, Super Anti-Aging Facial, Darker Skin Tones Facial, Brightening Facial, Men’s Facial, Adult Acne Facial and Teen Acne Facial. Guests can also add micro-needling to their facials which stimulates the production of collagen.

Joali Being offers a blend of modern science and long-honored traditions. A team of naturopaths, therapists and movement experts works with guests to help achieve their wellness goals. Besides a range of wellness experiences, guests can indulge in healing and restorative practices including hydrotherapy, movement and sound healing treatments.

Joali Being Partners with Dr. Barbara Sturm
The resort also offers wellness programs ranging from five nights to three weeks designed around its four key pillars (Joali Being)

The four pillars of Joali Being include Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy:

  • Mind: Cultivate contentment and peace of mind through sound therapy and mind and body practices
  • Skin: Illuminate the skin with rejuvenating therapies that draw equally from timeless rituals and advanced research
  • Microbiome: Form a deeper understanding of the connection between body, mind and nutrition while building eating habits around the body’s circadian rhythm
  • Energy: Rebalance the nervous system and optimize energy flow through intelligent movement practices and restorative therapies

Dr. Sturm’s philosophy is built around an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This includes maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet, choosing skincare products rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients, and incorporating a skincare routine that focuses on healing and repairing. For daily self-care, she recommends adequate sleep, getting daily exercise, avoiding excess alcohol, sugar, fried and processed foods, and flour; and the intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as avocados, salmon, olive oil, tomatoes, nuts, dark berries and green tea.

Joali Being also offers wellness programs ranging from five nights to three weeks designed around its key pillars. The programs are curated for each guest through Intelligent Movement Analysis and Integrative Health Assessment. These can also be tailored towards areas of strength and vitality, mental clarity and well-being, hormonal balance, women’s health, digestive and weight rebalance, restorative sleep as well as movement and alignment for good health and immunity.

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