Rosewood Mayakoba Hosting Third "Yo Amo Mexico" Festival

In celebration of its 15-year anniversary, Rosewood Mayakoba is hosting a special edition of its annual "Yo Amo Mexico" (“I Love Mexico”) festival, which comprises several weekends of immersive programming highlighting Mexican culture and heritage. The hotel has curated a roster of tastemakers representing four regions of Mexico—the Southern Pacific Coast, Mexican Riviera, Baja California and Central Mexico—to bring together the best of their hometowns’ art, culture, food and cocktails over the course of four weekends in January and February .  

Events from each celebratory weekend will also support Centro Educativo K'iin Beh, the bilingual non-profit school established for the children of resort associates and families within the Playa del Carmen community. The school, which is funded by friends, guests, and associates of Rosewood Mayakoba, just expanded to include a high school in fall 2022 and now provides education for more than 400 students.

Launched on January 5, "Yo Amo Mexico" (stylized as "Yo ❤️ Mexico") includes four weekends spotlighting talent from the following destinations around the country. Here’s what’s still on tap:

  • Mexican Riviera (January 12-15): The Mexican Riviera is known as much for its blue agave fields as its reputation as the birthplace of mariachi. Yo ❤️ Mexico’s tribute the region also explores Nayarit, a historic enclave located between mountains and ocean, celebrated for its coastal cuisine and indigenous Huichol and Cora influence. 
  • Baja California (February 2-5): The Mexican Peninsula showcases sustainable seafood from the Sea of Cortez, wine from renown Mexican wine region Valle de Guadalupe, and the diverse heritage of a land that welcomed migrants from all over the world, particularly East Asia and China. 
  • Central Mexico (February 9-12): Home to Mexico City and highlands of Central Mexico, the final weekend of Yo ❤️ Mexico highlights a melting pot of history and heritage, in which pre-Hispanic cultures, Spanish settlement, and recent global influence blended to create a diverse yet authentically Mexican experience. 

The following themes are explored throughout Yo ❤️ Mexico programming, providing guests the opportunity to discover all that makes Mexico such an exceptional destination.  


Yo ❤️ Mexico showcases the melting pot of history and heritage with guest chefs, including Elvia León of Alfonsina in Oaxaca and her son Chef Jorgé Leon, the creator of Pujol’s famous Mole Madre; Fabían Delgado, part of a new generation of Mexican chefs responsible for positioning Jalisco as a culinary destination; Hugo Soto, a Zacatecas-based chef with a Michelin Star background; Javier Plascencia, the Baja ambassador and evangelist of localized production, from seafood sourced off the shores of Ensenada to meat raised on local organic farms; Roberto Alcocer, chef/owner of Malva in Ensenada; Fernando Hernández, a three-Michelin starred chef and native Pueblan whose mission is to share a story of Mexican culture as experienced through cuisine from his hometown; and Daniel Ovadia, a chef, restaurateur, and author of the cookbook “Great Mexican Chefs,” whose work often references Mexico’s storied history as a melting pot of cultures.  

Craft Cocktails and Mexican Spirits  

Best known for agave-based distillates, Mexico’s cocktail and spirits profile is on the rise with growing international interest. Guests in this space include Graciela Àngeles and her mother Doña Candelaria Carreño, the producers behind Real Minero Mezcal and advocates for protecting the traditional and ecologically sound production of mezcal; Erick Gaytan, director of bars at Casa Oaxaca and  ambassador of his hometown of Oaxaca; Alejandra de Aguinaga, part of the award-winning team behind Guadalajara’s El Gallo Altanero, ranked 21 at the 2022 North America Best Bar Awards; Anny Barrera, chief bartender at Guamúchil Bar in San Jose del Cabo; and Macario Vasquez, a Puebla-based mixologist and award-winning cocktail expert. 

Art and Design  

Each weekend hosts artisans, designers, and craftspeople from each region, including Oaxaca-based ceramics collective Colectivo 1050° and alebrije artisan Keten; fashion brand Ernestina y Macorina, a Mexico City-based design house dedicated to supporting Indigenous communities, women, and young people; and Caralarga, a Querétaro-based textile design and production workshop, among other creatives. Guests can also participate in interactive workshops exploring Huichal art, alebrije making, and watercolor art therapy throughout the season.

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