10 Signs You May Be a Luxury Travel Advisor

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We all have funny quirks that we’ve developed from being in the luxury travel business. Here's a ready reckoner that tells you travel industry is where you truly belong. 

1. When you drop your child off at college for the first time, you can’t believe that you can’t get them upgraded to a suite from the little dorm room they’ve been assigned.

2. Last Thanksgiving, you planned a day of programming for all the children in attendance so they would go home more enlightened and enriched than when they arrived for their visit.

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3. Your family asks if you can buy regular size bottles of jam, ketchup and mustard instead of always having to use the tiny jars you get off the room service trays from the hotels you’ve visited.

Ruthanne Terrero4. When you go on a cruise and the ship docks in port, you’re the first off the ship, thrilled to pieces that you’ll be able to check out four or five hotels in the destination. All this while everyone else on the ship is lining up for the motor coach to go on a city tour.

5. When the discussion turns to travel at a neighbor’s cocktail party, you make everyone sit down and write up their bucket lists of all the places they still want to go. You then interview each guest individually to determine when they should travel to each destination over the course of the next five years.

6. At the library in your town, you’re mesmerized by the map of the world mounted on the wall and your eyes keep wandering to those places you haven’t been yet. You’re also tempted to put pins in the many, many countries you’ve already visited even though that would make the librarian really mad.

7. You can’t believe there is no loyalty VIP seating at your child’s soccer practice for those parents who attend most frequently.

8. You join a book club and the first assignment is to read “Wuthering Heights.” By the end of the first club meeting you’ve organized a luxury group “pilgrimage tour” for everyone in the room to visit the top Emily Brontë-related sites in the UK.

9. When your friends decide to go on a girlfriends’ getaway, you insist on giving a PowerPoint presentation with detailed charts that prove it’s worth staying at the five-star resort that provides $200 worth of daily amenities, including breakfast, parking and transfers, (thanks to your industry relationships), rather than the $199-a-night, three-star hotel one of the gals saw advertised online.

10. When you have overnight visitors to your home, you stock the guestroom with a welcome bottle of wine, turndown chocolates and a certificate for a $100 discount from the spa down the street.

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