See Now, Buy Now: Challenging Clients With New Vacation Options

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The fashion industry has to be one of the more nimble businesses around. Colors, shapes, sizes are in, and then they’re out. Looks that are chic in March are déclassé come September.

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But fashion retail is also an industry that’s steeped in centuries-old traditions. Designers have forever shown fashions on the catwalk in February that will not be ready for purchase until the following fall or winter. September fashion shows preview looks for the impending spring and summer. In a world where we can now get anything we want whenever we want it, yearning for months to get your hands on a new look doesn’t really feel right.

As a result, some designers have begun to implement the new “See now, buy now” strategy, which means their runway designs are immediately available for purchase. But at Milan fashion week in mid-February, the luxury Italian clothing designer, Moncler, played the disruptor’s role by announcing it will release new looks every single month, rather than just twice a year. That’s meant to serve a “younger and fickle clientele,” whose use of social media spurs them to change their tastes constantly. Why bother? This group now comprises a third of the luxury market, according to a recent article in Reuters. The article cites Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini as saying that the company will now launch new collections once a month in boutiques, multi-brand stores and temporary pop-up shops. He’s also using a variety of lead designers to constantly change the looks.

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Luxury travel retailers are grappling with the same customer. A trip that might seem sexy and fulfilling one week could be completely out of vogue the following month to a consumer, after their friends have posted images of their much more amazing vacations on Instagram. Better yet, that same customer may take a great trip and want to start planning another one immediately, which means you need to have a full, exciting supply of wares to entice them to make their next purchase.

The beauty is, you’ve got all the tools that Ruffini from Moncler has in your own toolbox. There’s nothing keeping you from showing a fresh supply of vacation options constantly to this generation of travelers who want to purchase their vacations in an entirely new way. They don’t want to look at brochures (although they still have their place), they want to peruse experiences and adventures.

You have access to this type of content from suppliers, whose photos you can repost on Instagram. You have your own images you can present, as well as those from your clients.

Remember, you’re not just a purveyor of suites on a cruise ship or a seller of space on small exotic group departures, you’re delivering days of unique destinations and special moments. Take a look at the many special itineraries that you’ve created and present them to your clients weekly or monthly. They are craving this consistent stimulation and if you are their go-to storyteller, whether it’s on your Instagram, Facebook or blog, you’ll also become their go-to travel advisor.

In keeping with the fashion analogy, don’t give up on promoting your aspirational couture travel opportunities; those trips that are so mega, they’re worth the wait. They’re expensive, they’re beautiful and they’re out of this world. They’re the Hermès Birkin bag worth getting on the wait list for, that takes forever to get and that simply takes your breath away when it’s finally sitting on your lap and no one else’s. There’s still magic to be found in what’s rare and exclusive and you may as well be the purveyor of those very good things as well.

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