Top Three Management Tips: Craig Carter, LUXE Travel

Craig Carter and wife, Amy Carter, on the Great Wall of China

A recent addition to our growing list of cover stories, appearing in this September’s issue, is Craig Carter, CEO and president of LUXE Travel. Carter opened his first travel business in 2008, during the recession, and found a way to make it work—in other words, you'll want to listen.

Carter is up next in our Top Three Management Tips series; and he was even kind enough to offer up a couple extra tips. His are as follows:

1. Make Good Partnerships

Doing business with good people will put you on a path to success and will make you one of those good people. Don’t be afraid to partner: Partnerships offer you the ability to enhance your skill set and accomplish your goals at a faster rate.

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2. Stay True to Your Core Business Model

It is so easy to be distracted with so many other ideas that your core business can suffer. Staying true to your core helps with your focus and commitment; it makes your message simple and direct.

3. Be Persistent

But when something turns out to be pointless, have the courage to change course and create a new path.

4. Give Back

It establishes a higher purpose in business and in life. Look to make a real lasting difference in the world! Plus, it lowers your stress.

5. Avoid Changing By Addition

When we decided to become a luxury service agency, it was not a decision until we also decided not to provide low-cost services to price-sensitive customers anymore.

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