Top Three Management Tips: Wendy Burk, Cadence Travel

Leading a staff of over 150 advisors and 18 executives and managers is Wendy Burk, CEO and founder of Cadence Travel, a Branch of Tzell Travel Group. Her agency also continues to pull in over $100 million in sales per year. If you're looking to expand your team, Burk would be a good person to look to.

Her Top Three Management Tips are:

1. Build Brand Recognition

Your service, culture, verbiage, and overall look are all opportunities to communicate your trustworthiness and travel expertise in this industry. If you can create and protect a recognizable, consistent, sophisticated brand experience, your clients will have something tangible to relate to and personally connect with. Your vibe attracts your tribe: refine your brand and get yourself out there!

2. Nurture Genuine Relationships

As technology, automation and even artificial intelligence change the way we think about the travel buying process, we must explore the power of personal connection. It is truly the key to staying relevant in a service industry like ours. Consider how real human interactions and memorable, meaningful experiences will nurture your long-term relationships with both clients and team members.

3. Create a Referral Culture

Don’t rely solely on your sales and marketing team to grow your company from scratch. Bring in new business by fostering a referral culture within your agency with an appropriate reward structure. Look for opportunities to cross sell between divisions, empower your team with smart sound bites for their networking moments, and feed your entire network with your strongest differentiators. You will essentially create your own buzz about your brand from the inside out.

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