Avanti Launches Expanded, Flexible Italian Villa Program

Wholesale FIT tour operator Avanti Destinations has launched an expanded Italian villa program with the flexibility of combining several short stays in three-, four- and five-star, family-run villas of varying sizes. Each offers varying experiences, such as wine-tasting, gourmet meals with wine-pairing, vineyard tours, cooking classes, candlelight dinners in olive groves and spa facilities. The villas are located in seven regions around the country, such as Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily and Sardinia.

Available April through October, Avanti’s villa program includes two dinners and a wine tasting at each villa, en-suite accommodations with daily breakfast, and live availability to multiple room categories. Clients have access to all amenities at each villa, including the pool, spa and gardens. Some villas feature organically sourced cuisine and naturally made wine. Others offer babysitting services, tennis courts and bicycle rentals.

Note: Advisors must book a rental car for clients to reach villas from their arrival towns and cities. (Cars can additionally be booked with Avanti.)

The 20 villas in the program range in size from six to 48 rooms and in style from renovated Baroque and 19th century to modern. The seven regions are Tuscany, Umbria, Piedmont, Liguria, Veneto, Sicily and Sardinia. The scenery ranges from rolling hills of vineyards in Tuscany, to the Alps in Piedmont, and the Mediterranean coast in Liguria, Sardinia and Sicily.

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