Time + Tide Announces Lemur Conservation Project and New Offering

Time + Tide, a safari operator in Zambia and Madagascar, has announced details on its Crowned Lemur Translocation Project, as well as a new exclusive high-end lemur experience, For the Love of Lemurs, that supports the conservation work to protect endangered species of lemurs.

Time + Tide’s Crowned Lemur Translocation Project

In 2017, nearly 62 crowned lemurs were poached in the protected Bekaraoka Forest of Madagascar. This along with habitat destruction and degradation are the biggest threats to the country's dwindling population. Together with the local community, Time + Tide's Miavana resort spearheaded a crowned lemur relocation process of four adults and one infant from the Bekaraoka Forest to Nosy Ankao Island, marking the first-ever successful translocation of the species. This move is part of Miavana's greater mission to work with community stakeholders to create grassroots opportunities in conservation, an incentive deterring illegal poaching activity.

For the Love of Lemurs

Proceeds of the For the Love of Lemurs package, the newest offering at Time + Tide’s Miavana resort, will support the company’s conservation work in Madagascar, including its Crowned Lemur Translocation Project. The offering includes seven nights for two people, including private helicopter transfer to and from the airport.

The Love of Lemurs experience also comes with four lemur excursions, complete with three private helicopter rides and expert guides. The trek locations include:

  • The Bekaraoka Forest to see where the translocated lemurs are from
  • Daraina to see Golden Crowned Sifaka, one of the most playful species
  • Sambirano to see the elusive Black Lemur, the only place to see them in the wild
  • Nature walks on Nosy Ankao, where the protected translocated lemurs live freely in their new habitat
  • Private 4x4 excursions around Nosy Ankao, complete with a private chef picnic in the wild

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