Tradewind Aviation Boosts Number of Aircrafts Serving Caribbean

Tradewind Aviation, operator of both scheduled shuttle and private charter flights, has announced increased service throughout the Caribbean for the season. The independent airline, which has been servicing the region since 2006, received increased interest across all of its shuttle destinations in the Caribbean, including St. Barth's, Anguilla, Antigua and Nevis. Demand is also up for its private charter business, which offers access to almost any Caribbean destination.

This season, Tradewind has boosted the number of aircraft serving the Caribbean by 30 percent, with 10 Pilatus PC-12 passenger aircraft in use for the 2018-19 season. This number is up from six aircraft in 2017-18 and eight aircraft in 2016-17. Tradewind Aviation says it maintains the largest charter/shared fleet of Pilatus PC-12 passenger aircraft in the Americas.

The increase in demand is well-timed for Tradewind—and for the Caribbean. Business in the region was down in last year due to hurricane damage that affected many popular Caribbean destinations. As those destinations have bounced back over the past year, Tradewind has reinforced service to accommodate its customers.

This announcement comes as the latest in a series of positive developments for the independent airline, following the return of its scheduled shuttle service to Anguilla and Nevis from San Juan. The airline also launched interline agreements with United Airlines and British Airways in 2017 to provide customers with added convenience when traveling between the carriers' networks via a single reservation to destinations including St. Barth's, Anguilla, Antigua and Nevis.

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