Virgin Galactic Makes Tickets Available to Virtuoso Clients

Virtuoso has announced a strategic partnership with Virgin Galactic. As a result of the collaboration, a limited number of seats for Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight experience will be available to Virtuoso’s global client base.

The agreement will present new referral and marketing opportunities to Virtuoso’s network of more than 20,000 luxury travel advisors and their upscale clientele. At the same time, Virgin Galactic will gain direct relationships with luxury travel advisors in North and Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

“Virtuoso is excited to welcome Virgin Galactic back into our partner portfolio and to offer our clients a travel experience like no other,” said Virtuoso Chairman and CEO Matthew D. Upchurch. “As a Future Astronaut myself, I can speak firsthand to the curated, high-touch and one-of-a-kind journey Virgin Galactic offers, as well as the community it cultivates. Travel transforms us and pushes us out of our comfort zone. For our advisors who have clients seeking pioneering, transformational travel, a Virgin Galactic spaceflight is the ultimate experience.”

Virgin Galactic’s flight system takes off and lands on a runway and allows passengers to experience weightlessness and breathtaking views of Earth. In the lead up to space flight, Future Astronauts enjoy access to the flagship membership community, including exclusive events, trips and activities across the world. The experience culminates in a multi-day, all-inclusive astronaut training and hospitality program for the customer and three guests at Virgin Galactic’s campus.

Virtuoso travel advisors will have exclusive access to a limited number of reservations within Virgin Galactic’s first 1,000 seats.

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