Nashville, Upstate New York Top "Under the Radar" Domestic Destinations: F1S

According to findings released from a latest survey of First in Service Travel (F1S) travel advisors, California surpasses every other state as the most popular for 2022 among F1S clients. Los Angeles leads the strong demand for California bookings. Additionally, both New York State and Tennessee tie among places F1S advisors are recommending most for those seeking “under the radar” destinations.

The survey asked each F1S travel advisor to name the top three domestic destinations they were booking for 2022. Over half (55.6 percent) said California was among their top three, with 33.3 percent specifying Los Angeles as their top destination. Among other top states, Florida and Hawaii tied for second (44.4 percent each), followed by New York (33.3 percent) and Alaska (22.2 percent).

Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of F1S, said it's no surprise California tops the list, noting "the sun-soaked entertainment mecca of Los Angeles to the quaint wine country in Napa and Sonoma.”

“Los Angeles is popular because it has the weather, the beaches, its food scene and entertainment options,” said Patricia Rainer, F1S advisor.

The survey also asked its advisors which “under the radar” destinations they are booking most across the United States. New York State and Tennessee were tied for first place, with 22.2 percent of advisors recommending each. Destinations specifically recommended within each include:

  • Nashville, TN–“Clients love the food and southern hospitality that Nashville has to offer,” said advisor Richie Legouri. “From the Loveless Café to the Grand Ole Opry, the city has it all. With new hotels being built in and around the city every year, such as the 1 Hotel, which recently opened up, clients will not be disappointed.”
  • Upstate New York–“I recommend it for the slower pace, lower pricing and unique activities,” said advisor David Peters.

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