Explora Introduces New Easter Island Tours

Explora Rapa Nui has announced the expansion of its offerings for travelers to discover the island. The newly expanded offerings have increased the number of explorations from 20 to 34, including hiking adventures, cycling adventures, and a combination of the two, besides an overland exploration via van, and an introduction to scuba diving.

There are 63.2 square miles of landmass to go around on Rapa Nui, the Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific popularly known as Easter Island, best known for the hundreds of stone-faced archeological statues called moai that have dotted its surface for more than 500 years. Here are a few highlights of the new explorations:

  • “Discover Scuba Diving” – After a lecture on diving theory and controlled immersion with diving equipment in the pool at Explora Rapa Nui, travelers proceed to dive in the waters of Hanga Roa Bay, renowned for their visibility. Upon completion, travelers receive a discovery PADI Certificate.
  • “Mahatua” – This half-day hike leads travelers along the island’s coast, past fishing coves, archeological sites and Ovahe beach en route to Anakena where they can visit archeological ruins. There will also be plenty of the time to enjoy the beach.
  • “Anakena” – This half-day bike ride heads from Explora Rapa Nui to Ahu Tongariki, the island’s best-rebuilt platform with 15 intact moai. The bike ride continues along the coastline to Mahatua, visiting several archeological sites up to the ruins of Anakena surrounded by crystal-clear waters and white sand.
  • “Caves & Cliffs” – Travelers can cycle to Ahu Akivi, where seven moai stand facing the Pacific, and continue via a moderate hike through lava fields, discovering caves and tunnels along the way. The exploration continues to Tepeu, an ancient settlement with the largest boat-shaped ruins on the island, and then along cliffs with views to the ocean and a visit to Tahai.
  • “Bird Cult” – Travelers will head overland by van to Vinapu and Ahu Tahira, a construction platform with overlapping rock structures that are often compared with Inca buildings. They will then continue by van to Rano Kau, the island’s largest crater, with time to hike around and observe the biodiversity of the wetland within. The exploration continues to the ceremonial town of Orongo, known for its Birdman competition, followed by a visit to the volcanic landscape of Mataveri.
  • “The Miru” – Following a meandering trail along scenic cliffs, travelers cross plains and ancient villages that belonged to the Miru—the most influential tribe of Rapa Nui. The full-day exploration ends in Anakena, the tribe’s capital, with plenty of time to enjoy the beach.

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