The nearly 100-year-old property offers modern amenities while staying true to its tradition. Here's what travelers can expect.

To celebrate, Hotel Eden is offering three experiences available from now until the end of 2019, including a spa treatment, a cocktail and a dish. More here.

The new options range from body and brain training sessions, natural healing exercises and high intensity fitness classes to grape-based facial treatments.…

Hernandez will lead the overall vision of Sense, A Rosewood Spa, with a focus on creating innovative spa and wellness services. Learn more here.

The new wellness initiatives include an outdoor eco-friendly fitness journey and tennis lessons. Learn more here.

Lorieux first found fame in the 1970s with now-iconic photos for the likes of Vogue magazine. This is the first time his work will be exhibited in Spain.

We recently traveled to Washington D.C. to check out The Wharf, the capital's first waterfront neighborhood. Read our report here.

Fans of La Réserve will be thrilled to learn about a new property from hotelier Michel Reybier in the vineyards of the Médoc region. Learn more here.