Five Secrets to Success: Christa Craig, Renshaw Travel

Christa Craig, next on our list for the "Secrets to Success" series, tells us that she never limits her ideas to what’s been done before. The Trendsetter and vice president of Renshaw Travel “helps create and influence” trends in her office.

Her clients are ultra-high net worth individuals, who, according to Craig, are very appreciative customers.

  1. Travel a lot—Our product is the world and we must be familiar with it! Become very familiar with: hotels; ships; airports; airlines and their aircraft; restaurants; and activities. By knowing certain destinations very well, you will be able to speak with great confidence that will instill a lot of confidence with clients.
  2. Become best friends with your suppliers—It makes it fun to be in touch with them and to do business with friends. The client will get a far better experience because they are coming on your recommendation. And, if something does go wrong, chances are, because of your good relationship, things can be more easily fixed than with a supplier who doesn’t know you. Attend travel trade shows and conferences where you can get to know your suppliers from all over the world. Spend time with your suppliers, go to dinners and have fun with them. Relationships are key!
  3. Focus on “getting and keeping customers” at all times—If you focus on a great income, you will be limited and your customers will pick this up. If you focus on the best possible service and choosing the perfect places for your clients, the result will be a great income, which is far greater and far more satisfying for you and your clients.
  4. Don’t “sell out of your own wallet”—Be confident in suggesting things that you know your clients will like even if they are expensive, as long as they are good value. Always suggest a great room and explain why you chose it, then if it is too expensive, lower the category. Don’t go with a low category because you are fearful of suggesting the higher category and just want to make the sale.
  5. Continue to demonstrate your value to your clients—Get to know their likes and dislikes and tailor things exactly for them. Not just welcome amenities, but great, personalized experiences. Get things for people that they didn’t know were possible. Strive for excellence in everything you do.

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