Five Secrets to Success: Julia Shore, Reid Travel of Florida, Inc.

The “Five Secrets to Success” series continues (with an early release before the 4th of July holiday)! Next on our list of advisors that were featured in the December 2016 Trendsetters issue is Julia Shore of Reid Travel of Florida, Inc. 

Shore was born in Croatia, grew up in Germany, moved to New York with her husband, and finally settled in Boca Raton where she joined Reid Travel. Her focus is on experiential travel (having trekked through India, Bhutan, and Nepal, and sailing an Arctic cruise), but sells to a variety of clients: “matures,” experienced trekkers, multigenerational groups, honeymooners and novice travelers.

  1. Travel, Travel, Travel—Become conversational in as many venues as possible. Travelers love to talk travel and it is so helpful to be able to share stories and experiences and compare notes and make experience-based suggestions.

  2. Stay at and visit the nicest hotels & know your ships and sailors—Having first-hand knowledge of hotels and their staff is a wonderful asset. It’s a good idea to keep a file on those you know first-hand as well as the ones you are introduced to at your agency. There is so much happening in the cruise industry lately that it’s difficult to keep pace. That being said, we must have current information about the ships our clients prefer and be able to provide them with better options. It is so helpful to have onboard experiences with ships staff and leave with some positive interactions that you can pass on and that they can remember.

  3. Network, network, network—The travel business may be about travel, but our people make it happen. Attending conferences and events is so helpful in how they let us meet the people who make it all happen. Their stories are a grand source of fresh ideas for ourselves and how we can improve our own business.
Get to know your clients personalities—Some are adventurous, some not so much. Some like formal, some prefer casual. I like to introduce my clients to new experiences that I think they will enjoy. So the trick is to match up their travel history and preferences with what I know about their destinations and make the best suggestions and arrangements for them.

  5. Affiliate yourself with an agency you can be proud of—This is just common sense. We are cultivating relationships with first class-clients. They expect first class service from a first class travel advisor and agency. The agency personnel are your team and will help you through difficult situations just as you will do for them. 

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