Five Secrets to Success: Brittney Magner, Royal Travel

Continuing our “Five Secrets to Success” series, where we’ve asked top advisors to share the “secrets” that led to their success, we spoke with Brittney Magner from Royal Travel. In fewer than five years, Magner earned the role of a Trendsetter, featured in our December 2016 issue, with her agency.

With an advertising background, Magner mostly plans vacations for families, couples, groups and honeymooners. Her top-selling destinations include North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.

  1. Making personal touches on even the smallest bookings. For example: One night in the city to celebrate an anniversary – though a small booking, a personal note with a nice amenity goes a long way. 
  2. Following up with each supplier a few days prior to a client’s arrival confirming all is ready for them. It reminds the supplier of my VIP clients and makes their arrival perfect.
  3. Always thinking outside the box on how to make each trip and booking perfect all the way down to dining/spa/transportation/excursions.
  4. Organization and presentation of itineraries from when I present to my clients to the final itinerary prior to departure.
  5. Following up after the trip and even though my clients thank me, I always thank them for business. I wouldn’t be here today without them!

Regardless of who you sell travel to or what type of travel you sell, these tips can be applied. 

“I will see through a booking, no difference whether it’s a one-night getaway or a two-week vacation,” she said when we spoke before the December issue. “All details are seen through perfectly. Whether it’s ordering a humidifier for a room, decorating a room for a birthday, getting my clients into a restaurant that is saying they are booked, but most importantly, putting myself in their shoes. I won’t book anything that isn’t exactly what I would do for my own family.”

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