Five Secrets to Success: Erika Chiostri, Fugazi Travel Agency, Inc.

Continuing our ongoing “Five Secrets to Success” series, in which we aim to discover the best tips that luxury advisors can offer that led to their success, we spoke with Erika Chiostri of Fugazi Travel Agency, Inc. She was featured in the December 2016 Trendsetters issue of Luxury Travel Advisor.

After returning from a trip to Florence 19 years ago, Chiostri joined Fugazi answering phones, and quickly rose to the level of a Trendsetter at her agency. Chiostri gives each client the same, high level of consideration, making sure each trip is to-the-tee how they want it. She does so in the following ways:

  1. Getting a personal connection with my clients, and knowing as much as I can about them and what they want from their trips and gaining their trust.
  2. Never overcharging fees or services.
  3. Using my Agency and Consortia contacts to treat my clients like VIPs.
  4. Putting my personal touch on every part of the trip so they know I had something to do with the upgrade or the special amenity.
  5. Keeping in touch with them or the operator during their trip to make sure they are happy and everything is going better than planned.

With these in mind, the mother of two is looking to expand her multigenerational travel and private jet sales.

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