Five Secrets to Success: Joanne Kruger, Frosch

Continuing our ongoing “Five Secrets to Success” series, in which we aim to discover the best tips that luxury advisors can offer that led to their success, we spoke with Joanne Kruger of Frosch Travel. Kruger was featured in the December 2016 Trendsetters issue of Luxury Travel Advisor.

The 34-year industry vet sell both leisure and group travel, and makes communication a focal point of her interactions with clients: before, during, and after trips.

  1. Listen—Not only to what is said and requested but read between the lines and hear what is not said.
  2. Smile—When responding to either an email or conversation make sure you have a smile on your face. The client can tell.
  3. Always be positive—Even if you don’t agree, choose your words carefully.
  4. Sell up—Listening is the bottom line to all successful sales. Some clients like the best room in a 4-star hotel others just need to say they stayed at a 5-star, so they opt for the least expensive room. Also: Letting the client know that just for spending a little more per day they can have a better room or better cabin. It does not always work but overall I have had a good run
  5. Enjoy problem solving—If you like puzzles you can be a successful Travel Consultant. Matching the right destination and hotel, tour operator, cruise line and ship and all the options that go into trip planning might be tedious but can also be “fun” and challenging.

Regarding “selling up,” Kruger told us about a specific example of how she was able to get a bigger sale, while also making the client more satisfied with their vacation.

“The client thought they wanted a river cruise to Bordeaux at a particular time. We had a lot of conversation; where they have traveled and how they have traveled. I determined (in my mind) that they were not a good fit for a river cruise,” she says. “I did some research and found an ocean cruise that covered the area they wanted to see and a whole lot more: It was a wonderful itinerary on an Oceania ship. They also liked the idea of a concierge balcony cabin. Bingo! Everything worked; they loved it and have booked another cruise on Oceania for next year.”

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