Five Secrets to Success: Georgia Schley Ritchie, Century Travel

To start off this week’s “Five Secrets to Success” series, in which we aim to discover the best tips that luxury advisors can offer that led to their success, we spoke with Georgia Schley Ritchie of Century Travel. She was featured in the December 2016 Trendsetters issue of Luxury Travel Advisor.

The former lawyer spent most of her life traveling, until she finally decided to make it her profession. She thanks her planning and organizational skills for her immediate success but the formula isn’t always as simple as that. Here are Ritchie’s top five secrets:

  1. Service—This probably the most important thing—after all this is why the client comes to us. I find that prompt responses (within 24 hours) are really appreciated. Even if it is just to say, “we got your email and we are working on it” or “we haven’t forgotten about you—just trying to get some answers,”etc. Give your clients efficient/good service and they will certainly come back for more.
  2. Find, and keep, great partners—We are so fortunate to have amazing partners in the travel industry to work with, from hoteliers/hotel reps to on-sites. Find great partners who make you look good and the business will continue to roll in!
  3. Attention to detail—My former profession as a lawyer has really stood me in good stead in this respect. It is so important to pay attention to all the details—this separates the men from the boys! Sometimes it is just important just to slow down and re-read things—sloppy proposals/emails just do not look good or inspire confidence in ones abilities.
  4. Get involved!—I have been active in my community for about 20 years and so much of my business has been generated through the contacts I made through this involvement. For example, one organization with which I have been involved for many years has asked me to plan their trips for high donors.
  5. Marketing—I am always marketing. Take a little time every day to reach out to someone with an idea. Or send a great email blast with special deals. There are lots of ways to stay in front of clients and keep YOU in the front of their mind. Sending an email with a cruise deal to someone you know is looking for a cruise at the very least shows them that you are thinking of them—and people like that!

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