Just Back: Detoxing at Chenot Palace

Shari Kalt of Bee Kalt Travel is back from Chenot Palace in Switzerland, where she traveled for a full medical spa experience.

I took dry January to a new level this year. Not only did I give up my weekly glass of wine, I gave up all things that were a part of my normal diet—namely sugar, cheese, eggs, fish and Diet Coke. I chose to head to the detox spa, Chenot Palace in Weggis, Switzerland to experience the program and see what this detox thing was all about.

I had been intrigued with the idea of Chenot Palace ever since I was introduced to it at the last Virtuoso Travel Week. Chenot opened the doors of its flagship property in June 2020.  I was told that the Chenot Method consisted of a vegan diet plan of 850 calories per day and a personalized treatment plan which combined principles from both Chinese and Western medicine. After the stress of the past two years, navigating clients through COVID protocols and travel, I felt this would be the perfect time to reset and start off 2023 on a healthy note.

The spa offers three different programs to choose from, starting with the "Advanced Detox Program," which is the one I signed up for. The other two, "Recover and Energize," and "Prevention and Ageing Well," build on the Advanced Detox with additional treatments and services included.

Chenot Palace
Chenot Palace is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne in the small village of Weggis. (Shari Kalt)

My program included two medical consultations, two nutritional consultations, a bioenergetic check-up, two bioenergetic treatments and six hydro-therapy, mud wrap and energetic massages. A minimum of seven nights is required to do the program and stays of less than this are not allowed.

Chenot Palace is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne in the small village of Weggis. The closest airport is Zurich, and the hotel is easily reached by private car or taxi in less than one hour. The imposing gates at the front entrance of the hotel assure the safety and privacy of the well-heeled guests that frequent the spa. I was greeted upon arrival with a shot of fresh blueberry juice and ushered to a comfortable sofa for the check-in process. I downloaded the Chenot app on my phone, which contained my schedule of appointments and services for the week. Then, I was taken to my room to unpack. There are several different room categories spread across four separate buildings, but all are connected by walkways. Many of the rooms have stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Chenot Palace
The dining room has a full wall of windows with beautiful lake and mountain views. (Shari Kalt)

Each guest is assigned their own table in the dining room for the duration of their stay. The dining room has a full wall of windows with beautiful lake and mountain views. In the summertime, the outdoor patio turns into a popular dining spot. I was very impressed with the food quality and presentation. Each dish was a work of art and worthy of a five-star dining venue. I’m not one who eats vegan food regularly and I found the meals to be delicious and filling, despite the calorie count.

My first full day began with a battery of tests. I met the medical doctor for an overview of the program, followed by the nutritionist. The tests included a complete body composition and bone density scan, a mineral and heavy metal analysis, skin collagen thickness assessment, and arterial stiffness assessment. I was happy to learn that my arteries have the elasticity of a 19-year-old, especially as I’m a few decades beyond this.

Shari Kalt at Chenot Palace
The Neurac Method helps in treating musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular dysfunction. (Katrin Seifert)

I found the Bioenergetic check-up to be fascinating. The diagnostic device used provides information about the energetic state of the body and determines where there may be blockages. This information is used to create your treatment plan. The energetic massages will then target the specific energy meridians of the body in need of attention, in order to bring the body into balance.  A session of acupuncture is also included to target these areas.

That afternoon, I had the first of six hydrotherapy treatments, which were the same every day. A lovely team of ladies took care of me, leading me from one room to another. First was the aromatherapy whirlpool bath, with fragrant oils and changing colored lights. The next room had a water bed-like table, where I would lay down and have mineral-enriched warm clay applied all over my body. I was wrapped tightly in the warm cocoon and left to enjoy the weightless feeling of the waterbed beneath me. It was pure bliss, until I was taken to the hydro-jet room. This was my least favorite, albeit necessary part of the treatment. The aforementioned lovely lady placed me at the opposite end of a shower room, where she then manned her high-powered jet spray (picture a firefighter with a hose) and proceeded to spray all of the clay off of me. She finished with a cold water rinse—all to improve circulation. The last part of this series was the energetic massage. This differs from a regular relaxing massage in that suction cups are used to move along the meridians to improve the energy flow in the body. I did feel re-energized after.

Chenot Palace
In between treatments and meals, there are group classes offered in cardio, stretch, yoga and aquagym. (Katrin Seifert)

In between treatments and meals, there are group classes offered in cardio, stretch, yoga and aquagym. In the summer months, outdoor activities are available as well as swimming in the lake. You can hop on a ferry year-round and go to Lucerne or take the cable car up Mount Rigi for spectacular views. The scenic location of Chenot Palace provides endless possibilities to explore the surrounding area.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical before going to Chenot Palace as I’ve never done a full body detox before. I didn’t know what to expect from a week with no sugar, caffeine, alcohol or meat. After completing the program, I was very happy with the results. I felt cleaner, lighter and my previous aches and pains had dissipated. Chenot Palace is quick to explain that they are not a weight-loss spa. Weight loss may be a by-product of the program, but the intention is to provide the framework for living a healthier, longer life. Having rid myself of unhealthy habits for a week, I really did feel a difference after, and I am inspired to take elements of the Chenot Method and continue them in my daily life. 

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